Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Curry-Curry: Beef Curry!

Found some beef in the fridge -  without any marinade and I was thinking of what to do?

Ideally beef curry would require a beef sirloin cut about 3cm but what I found is almost in strips, quite a thin cut. Then, I thought of making a beef curry out of what I have and here it is, a delicious treat for the evening (extra rice!!!)

BEEF CURRY ala Arn =)

This is a filling dish with coconut milk and all the carbs you can get from the potatoes too! My son usually doesn't eat spicy food so I made sure I just have the right hint of curry powder so as to meet with his aversion. Quite surprisingly he loved the dish! The entire family is soo happy and very evident that there's almost no left over =)  -- One happy cook for the day!

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