Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Music Ignites what I Write

Background: Drive by Kiss (Damnbuilders)
~i may never find out where it is, i may reach you with  a drive-by kiss~ 

Such a powerful, lakas-maka-nostalgic-mood song. I've known this song from hubby of course, wayyy back early 2000-something era.  First time I've heard it, I instantly remembered Marc Abaya (vocalist of Sandwich now with Kwjan). I think the extra oomph- is the violin used in the song. Anyhow, the nostalgic feeling makes me wonder why I am in writing in the first place.   

I've written a lot of short verse poems, short articles on how I view life or basically how I felt during that time. I guess writing for me has become a therapy. They say, "Channel your negative energy into something positive" - and for me Writing definitely works!. 

There a lot of things, realizations, and thoughts about life that you can write when you're hyped with emotions - whether your happy or sad.  Which is why for me - music and writing are somewhat intertwined.  I write while I listen to the beat which is synonymous to the mood I have during that time. I guess, - the music ignites what I write.

So for today, I'd like to share a short verse poem written a couple of weeks back. As nostalgic as the background song is hitting my eardrums now, so as the thought behind this poem.

written by: Arn (no copyright, all original)

Ending each day in a high, is a pleasant feeling - Glorify!
Whatever challenges that may come my way
I know I can hurdle regardless what they may say.
I will live my life the way it is -
I won't take any hesitation, because I don't want to miss.
Miss any moment, Miss any opportunity, 
Because we are give one chance in solidarity.

Grab the chance, take every moment of it,
Not a single doubt, not a single blink.
Whatever you got, be your all,
Because when you stumble and fall,
You can pull yourself up, take it's toll.
A lot days you will try to remember,
Whatever happened that faithful over.
Just end the day with a smile, Everything is just worth while.
None would have matter, Nothing should take you over,
Whatever you think of yourself, your thoughts,
Shall matter all the most.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Headstart 2014

Back to work mode. Back to the usual routine.

However, I am quite happy of making some changes in the usual routine and I feel I am reaping the benefits of it or rather "we" are reaping the benefits. 

For 2014, I've made a realistic list of what I wanted to achieve either long-term or short term. One of my top priorities is going back to the "bookworm mode" which goes hand in hand with "the writer" mindset. 

I will take the challenge of at least making an entry on a weekly basis without editing and writing as spontaneous as I can be. 

Also, I want to dedicate more time in planning and prepping meals for my family. Taking on the not so usual recipes. As adventurous and risk taker I am with my hairstyle - I know I can do this! 

We have ended 2013 on a high note and I plan to maintain it as it is. Way to go 2014! keeping my pace on the right track. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014: The Start of A Great Year

One Republic's song says it right: "This could really be a good life A good, good life".

2014 is an ode to a better year than 2013.  All that we've lost and all other challenges that we've faced - definitely 2014 is going to be a good life (year). 

Happy New Year and let this year be a blessed year to everyone. Ready to roll for 2014!