Monday, June 10, 2013

MommyMoments 01: Journey

"Mommy, Kinder na ako" - my 4 year old son just told me with conviction. I said, "Yes, hindi na Nursery". I felt that there was a sense of pride but I felt my voice cracked a bit - Am I about to cry with that simple statement?  Gosh. Hormonal ba? I can't believe that one simple statement can be so powerful that it takes me to a flashback journey. 

Whew, time flies so fast, and I still am thinking on the days when he was just two and we can just spend the entire afternoon watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, UP, Cars and Rio.  I can exactly remember how important it is that I am out in the office by 5pm because his yaya, stay-out yaya, will need to go home by 7pm.  

Born via C-Section (after 12 long hours of labor), he was screaming, crying when he was out. Probably he was in my womb for too long and eager to go out and see the world waiting for him.  First apo on both sides, everyone was too excited to finally meet him (12 hours is quite a long time, isn't it?). Oh, well we are just glad that nothing serious happened to him upon learning from my OB that his umbilical cord is wrapped around his neck, shoulder, and chest. First few minutes I spent with him- priceless. I guess all moms can agree with me that nothing can ever top that moment when you and your child are looking at each other's eyes and there was definitely a "moment". He stopped crying, screaming - and there was just silence - and tears, just flow because there is this little boy - who is living inside my womb for 9 months, giving me a lot of "throw up" moments during the first trimester, who makes me want to eat grub-club's grilled porkloin with basil sauce every lunch time, who turned me to a very religious eater of vegetables and fruits, the one who made me drink beyond 8 glasses of water every day, is now looking at me. 

We are so happy that he has finally arrived but at the same we are also concerned. A month after he was born, we learned that he has a genetic condition - he is positive for G6PD. G6PD in a nutshell is a hereditary condition characterised by abnormally low levels of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase ,a metabolic enzyme involved in the pentose phosphate pathway, especially important in red blood metabolism. Geeky as it sounds, I made a thorough research on it. I felt sick, and crushed. I felt so down, thinking my son will not grow up normal, that he might be sickly, pale. With the help of his pediatrician, she explained to us thoroughly all the necessary details we need to know about his condition. I've attended a couple of seminars- so I would know and make sure that he will stay on top of his health. Surely it did or shall I say - we did. I feed my husband with all the information needed so there will be consistency. Seeing my son grow up to be so active and no signs of any serious implications of his condition is truly a blessing for us. 

Now he is four years old and he still continues to amaze us in every way. I always pray that he will grow up wise and with a good heart. One time we were in a supermarket and there was one kid, wearing an iron-man mask, about to pass the aisle we are in. He just immediately throws punches on the box of soaps while shouting "I am IRON-MAN". So I was taken aback, thinking where his parents may be. I was a bit concerned that my son may think that exhibiting such a behavior is fine - and that he may imitate the kid. To my surprise, he didn't. When the kid is no longer there, my son went to the area where the box of soaps are. He, picked up the boxes that are no longer in place and tried to make it look like the same as before.  Me and my husband were amazed. Indeed, values are learned not taught.  

My son loves toys, specifically cars, but we never bought him "uber-expensive" stuffs because we would want to at least instill how important it is to spend-wisely. So, we were in a toy store, and he was so glued playing with the car that was on-display. He was so into plants vs zombies before but now he is hooked up with cars. His dad asked, since the transformer toy was on on-sale around Php 500 (from almost thousand bucks), if he wants him to purchase it. My son candidly said "Daddy, mahal".  We didn't argue on that anymore, even though the toy is already a good buyFor my son, he might have probably learned that anything on the "hundred and above" monetary value is already expensive but if the toy is about 90 pesos and below, he would have pleaded for us to buy it. 

We all love to tell a story about our own children and I am just sharing this because, I want this to be a living testament of how we take pride having him as our son. That, we will support him in whatever endeavor he would be undertaking when he grows up. I remember a quote "Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see" I believe so. Being a parent is a privilege and having a kid is definitely a blessing.  

Wow, this flashback journey was a bit detailed, right? I guess so. Mothers are sure to have a good photographic memory of every bits and pieces, of their journey with her son or daughter. Memories that are imprinted for a lifetime. 


  1. Looks like your kid is very smart and willing to learn. They do grow up so fast.

    1. thanks franc. Yes he is very much eager to learn. More than being smart, i'd like him to grow up with a really good heart. Thanks for the comment. Will check your other posts too.

  2. I like the quote you shared, "Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see"... I can't wait to be a mom too...

    1. thanks little miss honey..yes, being mom is such an amazing journey. looking forward to your posts.