Friday, June 14, 2013

Lola "Yaya" Martina

"Life is not too short or too long. I believe, that time is the ultimate blessing that was given to each one of us and as long as we have maximized our time, lived our lives to the fullest, shown our love and care to the people that really matters the most, then essentially time will just be a number and memories are the ones that will linger on".

I posted this status on facebook a few weeks back inspired by my Lola. Since February of this year, she was already bedridden due to enlargement of heart and she has suffered from severe pneumonia. Born January 30, 1919, our 94 year old Lola Martina is definitely an epitome of courage, positivity and faith. Before this, she religiously completes the simbang gabi. Never in any year until last 2012 that she failed to complete it. No rain or bad weather can ever hinder her in attending the mass. Not just the simbang gabi but also the every Sunday mass, holy week, and all other special and regular activities of the church - she will definitely be present.  She has a special seat in the church, she would always seat in the first row, corner right of the long chair. Her devotion to our church is definitely evident in a way that she wouldn't want to leave her very own hometown because of her faith to our patron - Sto.Rosario.

I've had tons of memories with Lola. My brother and I were literally raised by our Lolo and Lola since our parents are both working. When I was in Nursery, she would always accompany me in school. She makes sure that my hair is in place - she keeps it long either braided, pony tailed or in pigtails. I would always be praised how neat I look because of this.  She would even be the substitute for my mama or papa during recognition days, book fairs, field trips, releasing of class cards, and all that. I remembered that I was once assigned as tiger lily in one of our book fairs on 2nd Grade. I did my own make up and Lola braided my hair for the book parade. We were late, so we did try to catch up. We walked a couple of kilometres and unfortunately we are unable to catch up. My lola never complained and she actually cheered me on that I can still make the appearance on stage. And I did. 

I can tell a lot of stories for my Lola but one thing really exceptional on her skills is - Cooking.  Her sopas, mechado, and adobong baka are unmatched. She has very specific ingredients and I am glad she was able to pass on the recipe to us. However, no matter how hard we try to recreate it, the taste is still a little bit different. My Lola's passion and love is definitely the secret ingredient in all the meals she cooks. 

I also admire my lolo and lola's marriage. They were able to reach their 50th anniversary last 2003. Throughout those years, I have never seen them fight, or raised voices to each other. Their marriage is simply one of a kind. And truthfully my lolo and lola are one of a kind as well.

One thing I can describe about Lola Martina, is that she is definitely positive, no matter how heavy the problems are, or how people may have hurt her she never hold any grudge to anyone. She values her family more than anything else. She kept her faith to her family because when all else fails, and when anyone turns their back against her she know that her family will always be there to support her. 

I have not seen anyone as brave as her, that she is willing to endure physical pain rather than the emotional pain of leaving her family. We can see how much she suffers now but she doesn't want to let go because she says she still wants to live and see all of us together. That for me is truly admirable. 

This is just one of the many lessons in life I am still learning from her. A lot of us may just simply quit jobs because we are too fed up with workload or we are getting low salary. Some may just quit trying just because they can no longer endure pain. And my Lola, she would never quit- she will keep the faith because she believes in the goodness of people. She believes that at the end of any suffering is a silver lining. 

I belive that God may have given each person their own hour-glass, we don't know when will be the time that the hour glass runs out of sand which will eventually say "time is up". I know when this happens finally lolo and lola will be reunited to take another journey in a life where there is no end. 

We are very thankful for our Lola Martina. We wouldn't be who we are today without her insights and values. We will continue to stay on lola's side on this battle, but when she raises the white flag, i know that it is her will and ultimately God's will to let her physical suffering end. 

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