Thursday, September 5, 2013

September Hooray!

BER months are here! Which means a few months from now, we are all going to wrap up 2013 and say Holla! to 2014. Time really flies so fast and so does my son. A few years back he's just a baby, wanting and needing much attention and now he basically want to do things on his own.

So, what have I done on the onset of BER months? Last September 1, I finished off my Christmas gift list - which I always do however there are few years that I was not so keen in following my list. I even specified now what gifts to buy and all. Pre-ordered some stuffs already so I won't plunge in to sale madness.My goal is to have everything in order as early as November (focus!).

What's next for me: Well, I've been thinking a lot of what could be the things that I can do to further improve myself. I've been doing blogs, reading books, reading current issues and I feel I somehow lack the time of at least doing something physically (exercise!?). Since I worked in a home based job, I feel most of the time are spent in front of my laptop. So for the next few weeks - I'll try my best or not really try but "dedicate" some time to go back to "badminton/running" perhaps.? (fingers crossed)

I revisited my to-do list and seems like a few things I have achieved this year. I will most likely revise it, and align it to something where I can include my family. I feel that my "bucket list" is centered to what I personally want/my own goals and I wanted to revise it and make it a more of like a family-inclined bucket list.

Work-wise, I feel that I have the job that allows me to do these roles - an empowered working woman and hands-on mommy/wife. There are definitely stressed days and sleepless nights. At times, I didn't know where do I get the strength to fulfill tasks that can be a little overwhelming - (unconditional love?) Some people would even think my job is an easy as "petiks" it can be, but heck-NO!. Being in a work environment where it is you- and you alone, you have to make sure that you are strict with your timelines. It is always a double or may be gazillion effort to show your employer that you are worthy for the job and that you are doing your role (or even surpassing their expectations). 

On the whole, I feel that I have captured the essentials and now I have to dedicate (religiously) a time to go back to sports. Health is wealth so they say, and I'll bring back badminton sessions or even running in my weekly routine.  

Have a blast this September! Yuletide season is fast approaching - "Be blessed and Be a blessing to others"!